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Fines - Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Transport Officers?

Transport Officers are authorised to conduct ticket and concession entitlement checks on all modes of transport.  They can also issue cautions and fines to passengers who breach Passenger Transport Regulations.  Transport Officers can also assist passengers who have questions about public transport and will provide information on transport products.

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What is an Infringement Notice?

An Infringement Notice is a fine that is issued by Transport Officers. The notice states the type of offence, the penalty that applies to it, and how to settle payment.

What is a Caution Notice?

Transport Officers have the option, in some cases, of issuing a formal Caution Notice. While this does not require payment of a fine, it will be entered on your record and it will be taken into account if you are ever accused of a Revenue Protection offence in the future. A caution notice is usually sent by mail to your home address.

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What can I be fined for?

The offences that attract fines include:


  • Travelling without a valid ticket
  • Travelling on a concession ticket to which you are not entitled


  • Interfering with the vehicle or equipment

Inappropriate Behaviour

  • Use of offensive language
  • Consumption of alcohol on buses and ferries
  • Smoking of any substance on buses and ferries

Damage to Property

  • Writing, drawing or affixing anything to State Transit or Newcastle Buses & Ferries property (i.e. graffiti), or willfully damaging vehicles or property (i.e. vandalism)


  • Failing to supply a correct name and address
  • Hindering or obstructing an authorised officer
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How can I make sure I've got the right ticket?

It is your responsibility to purchase a valid ticket to travel on Sydney Buses.

Bus tickets are available from the driver upon entering the bus (excluding PrePay Only services) or from ticket outlets prior to travel. 

If you're unsure about which ticket you need, you can call 131500 between 6am and 10pm, 7 days a week, visit a Transport Shops in Sydney's CBD or ask the bus driver.

Because tickets are easy to buy and ticketing information is freely available, it is not a reasonable excuse to say:

  • "I was running late"
  • "I didn't know the fare"
  • "I didn't know what kind of ticket to buy"
  • "I left my concession card at home"
  • "I've lost my ticket"

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What kind of fine would I have to pay for travelling without a valid ticket on a bus or ferry?

The on-the-spot fine is $200. For other types of offences (e.g. vandalising State Transit property, using offensive language, etc.) it is $300. You can elect to have the matter heard in court, but be aware that a court may impose a fine of as much as $550.

What is the procedure if I am caught without a valid ticket?

If you travel or attempt to travel without a valid ticket you are breaking the law. Transport Officers have the authority to:

  • Ask passengers for their name and address
  • Ask passengers for their concession entitlement card
  • Detain a passenger for the length of time it takes to obtain the relevant information
  • Detain a passenger who refuses to give their name and address
  • Issue a passenger with an Infringement Notice or formal Caution Notice
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Why do I have to show my ticket and my concession card?

Under NSW regulations, all passengers are required to produce a valid ticket upon request.

If you are travelling on a concession ticket, you must also produce your valid concession entitlement card to prove that you are entitled to the concession fare. You may be issued with an Infringement Notice if you are unable to produce the relevant concession card.

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Can I have my concession card confiscated?

Yes. Transport Officers have the right to confiscate concession cards that are blank, incomplete, out of date, or otherwise in breach of any of the card's conditions. Proof of identity may also be required.

What happens if I leave my ticket behind, lose it or have it stolen?

It is your responsibility to purchase a replacement ticket before you travel.  It is not an acceptable response if caught without a ticket.

What are my rights of review if I feel I have been unjustly issued with an Infringement Notice?

You can elect to have the matter heard before a Magistrate - simply follow the instructions provided on the Infringement Notice.

The law states that you must purchase a valid ticket for your journey before you travel. Ticket sales are the primary means of funding our extensive public transport network, and for improving and extending the level of services to our passengers.

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Last updated: Jan 21, 2014
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